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The Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) exists to permanently close the achievement gap and end generational poverty in North Minneapolis. Together with our partner organizations, we are walking side by side with low-income families as they put their children on a path to college.
NAZ has a game-changing approach that is closing the achievement gap. NAZ’s wraparound framework effectively supports low-income children of color so that they will graduate from high school prepared for college.

Wilson’s Image College Scholarship, started in May 2018 and was set up for African American scholars living in North Minneapolis. Throughout the Twin Cities, that’s where the schools are failing black & brown scholars the most. To receive the scholarship, scholars need to write an essay detailing how they would use their degree to positively impact the social/economic ills & people of North Minneapolis.

We welcome you to the Courageous Conversation Academy (CCA). CCA, our new virtual learning platform to broaden access to Courageous Conversation™, launches the initial phase in the rebirth of our 28-year dedication to systemic racial equity. It is designed to offer differentiated learning, practice and application of Courageous Conversation™ in job-specific contexts across organizational sectors.
The Academy offers a suite of training options to grow the knowledge, skill, will and capacity to transform organizational culture, climate and structures. CCA is developed to address Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through the lens of racial equity, and broaden the path of entry for leadership and staff at all levels of experience. It is also a vehicle for expanded networks in a global community of racial equity leaders and practitioners.

The Moore Legacy Foundation, Inc. (TMLF, INC.) believes education is the key to success. We provide technology education programs designed to empower the communities we serve. Our programs include training, workforce development, mentorship/internship opportunities, and professional development services. TMLF focuses on demonstrating and teaching the importance of a healthy self-image and the value of self-respect, self-worth, and self-identity. Our technology education programs are designed to serve youth – and ultimately their families – from throughout the greater Richmond region and the Tri-Cities.
TMLF conducts leadership development camps with students in middle to school to college students. These camps focus on teaching young men and women how to drown out all the negative elements of life and focus on the best life has to offer. We also work on civic engagements, body language, soft skills and mental health awareness, verbal communication skills, career readiness and conflict resolution.

Healthy Helpful Insight Healthcare Institute is a Minneapolis/St. Paul-based, CNA Training School that offers live, in-person classes for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical field. We currently offer CPR/FirstAid/AED classes also.
Our course offerings include CNA training, AED training, CPR training, and caregiver training. We also offer course materials for purchase to practice your skills at home.
Our entry level training programs will give you the essential skills you’ll need to pass your State Board Exams and then work in the medical field as a CNA or can be used as the first stepping stone to pursue your nursing degree.

Co-Parenting Resource

Alysha Price, is a qualified neutral family mediator and trained motivational interviewer with a Bachelor Degree in Human Services & Family Studies and Master Degree in Management. Price is a North Minneapolis native whose put in over 20 years of dedication into work of eliminating education and health disparities in her community. Price is committed to improving communication within co-parenting families. Price who was also raised in a co-parenting household and has built a successful co-parenting family of her own comes to this topic with life experience and passion. Through her personal experiences she bring raw empathy and an everything is achievable mindset which resonates with the families she works with. Families see her as a role model because she understands their emotions, environmental obstacles and struggle to keep their families whole across households. Price sets out to heightened awareness of the power cooperative co-parenting can have on the development of our children.

Family Coaching

The Price Dynamic is a professional family coaching  and engagement consulting firm offering collaborative services and cutting edge strategies for servings today’s family dynamics. The Price Dynamic models communication and resolution in single and  co-parenting families, training and support for educators and service providers, and facilitation of court-ordered mediation and supervised visitation, all with a goal of building courage and resilience to navigate systems which support the whole family’s well-being and stability. 


Kente Circle, LLC (Kente) is a mental health agency specializing in providing individual, couples, family, and group therapy to clientele living in Minneapolis, MN and its surrounding communities.
As a group of prominent relationship professionals, Kente has several therapists who have presented at local and national conferences and to general audiences on a variety of topics including working with individuals, couples, families, African American boys, GLBTQ, cultural competence, spirituality, and parenting issues.

Resources for the Formerly Incarcerated

Kissy’s Stay Put Services (KSP) is a non-profit organization that exists to provide essential support services to individuals and families in Minnesota that have been incarcerated and have experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse. Kissy’s Stay Put Services is committed to better understanding the circumstances that have contributed to incarceration and providing the person served with needed community support to safely lead a productive life. All services are delivered with dignity and respect.
Our goal is to meet the individuals’ needs using person-centered planning and trauma informed care practices. Kissy’s Stay Put Services strives to help families experience healthy, safe, and equitable relationships 




Communities and organizations are supported through the process of change, conflict and crisis situations, as Dr. Joi, skillfully and compassionately holds space for building relationships across difference and listening for liberation. Communities get the rare opportunity to engage in challenging conversations about healing, hope and heartbreak in the context of social justice (diversity, equity and inclusion), radical self-care, toxic stress, oppression induced trauma, conflict, crisis, change) without concern of shame and blame. We believe this work is about reclaiming all of our humanity.
Dr. Joi is gifted at helping all to feel welcomed and affirmed in room of 10 participants or 1,000 participants. She is skilled at creating a sense of belonging even in the sometimes difficult context of her expertise Healing Justice (Radical Self-Care + Social Justice

We are a social experiential platform that strives to build community awareness of deeply ingrained behavioral patterns that can be barriers to personal growth. Through our social experiences, we connect individuals with their inner voice to create a pathway to emotional intelligence and build a sense of identity. Our platform offers effective communication tools that enable people to increase self-awareness, enhance perceptions and implement problem-solving tactics in everyday life.

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