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Constance Anderson

I am a single mother of three young men. I am also a grandmother of three beautiful granddaughters and one grandson. I have been an educator for almost 20 years. I have worked with middle and high school level students in inner-city schools. Throughout my educational journey, I have been in a variety of positions that support students in graduating high school and continuing to college. I have had many experiences that supported my decision to continue my education and obtain my K-12 School Counseling license and K-12 Principal license. I am currently an assistant principal at a middle school. My passion is working with young adults who want to better themselves.

Tephanie N. DeLaney

Tephanie Delaney, the Founder and CEO of Wild-Eyed VisionAries Consulting, is a business and lifestyle maven. She serves a community of fellow visionaries, entrepreneurs, business owners and brands. Leveraging her extensive entrepreneurial background, Tephanie is known for cultivating ideas through her unique style of training, resources, and development system. She has gained the reputation of being a thought leader in her industry. An entrepreneur at heart, Tephanie's had her share of wins and losses in business. Her experience spans over two decades; including various roles in the real estate industry. She is currently licensed as a Realtor in Minnesota and Missouri. A driving force behind many ventures, one of her recent endeavors was conceptualizing the online marketplace,, as a vehicle to assist in refueling the Black economy. The site launched on Blackout Tuesday, July 7, 2020, and had just under 100,000 visitors within the first six weeks. As a Business Development Coach and a servant by nature, her life is fulfilled by empowering others to unlock their greatest potential. “If I can grasp your vision and speak life into it, I will stop at nothing to help bring it into existence.” Her development firm has now grown international.

Brittney Kline

Meet Brittney Kline, at the age of 14 she became a teen mom. Life would change for her drastically. While in her teens she still wanted to be a child, she still wanted to have fun. Her mother tried to teach her that life will now be different, since she is a mom. Brittney began to rebel and left home at 16. She was living house to house with her daughter, suffering from homelessness. Brittney wanted different for her life, she wanted more for her daughter. She completed high school on time and completed her Degree in Business Administration. She began her career in the health care field and has been in the health care industry for 14 years. She has a passion and heart’s desire to help other young women who may not have that guidance, who may just need someone to talk to, or just to be there to encourage someone to keep going.

Keith George

I was born in Louisiana and spent part of my youth in Detroit. My mother relocated the family to Chicago when I was a teen, which is where I completed high school and resided most of my adult life. I decided to move further north later in life and made Minnesota my home. I have a resume that entail skills from real life experiences to professional community work. My greatest passion is to work with young people and help them work through trauma they have witnessed and lived. My past and present clientele include families, adults and children seeking help with behavior management, life skills, crisis management, social enrichment and restorative justice. Most of my career has been focused in the field of education; working in schools supporting scholars, families, teachers and administration. Currently I am employed with the Robbinsdale School District as a Personal Learning Coach. My educational background includes: · Crisis Prevention Intervention training, also known as CPI. · Adverse Childhood Experiences training (ACEs). · CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certified. · Various certifications in substance abuse. · Over 30 years working with civic and political organizations. Because of my obligation to teaching, I plan to continue learning. The expedition of life is all about the walk of sustained growth. I hope the work I have dedicated in communities will impact the lives of people for generations beyond my existence.

Maria Medina

Maria Medina is currently a Personal Learning Coach at Robbinsdale Area Schools. Her current role as a Personal Learning Coach and her previous role as an Immigration Paralegal have allowed her to serve as a support for students and families and to serve people of many walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Maria has also done a lot of work for the community as a community volunteer at organizations like Centro Campesino, Latino Access Program, and Act Six for the last 10 years. Her favorite thing about her past experiences and current role is working alongside families to navigate life and positioning herself as a resource for others. As an Latinx female immigrant and first generation college graduate she understands many of the struggles and the injustices that minority communities face in modern day America. Maria graduated from Augsburg University with a degree in Communication Studies.

Jennifer M. Turner

Jennifer M. Turner MA, LPCC, LADC Therapist Jennifer began her working career in the field of cosmetology, where she inadvertently recognized her love for counseling and building strong, trusting and supportive relationships. Through working as a cosmetologist and her life experiences, the passion for a greater understanding of how our past and thought process can shape behaviors, evolved. Thus, growing an admiration for the Mental Health field as a whole. She loves to connect spiritual faith with mental health practices and effortlessly demonstrates nonjudgmental encouragement. Jennifer went back to college after 20 year of owning and operating a Beauty Salon, to obtain a Master’s Degree in Adlerian Psychotherapy and Alcohol and Drug Counseling from Adler Graduate School. She is a License Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and a License Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC). As a participant in this mentoring program, Jennifer desires to encourage hope and perseverance, upholding her vision - to see individuals work through life’s challenges to become achievers and overcomers! Vision * Hope * Faith * Love

Tamika Patnode