Hands 2 Hand Development Resources

This Organization is designed to assist parenting youth between ages 15-28

Parenthood Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Parenting can be particularly demanding for young adults who are more vulnerable to a variety of risks ranging from economic hardship to poor psychological functioning.

A Community of Educators Sharing Resources & Support

Hands 2 Hand Development Resource’s purpose is to support, educate, mentor and provide needed resources for parenting youth ages 15-28.

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We provide extensive training and resources needed to succeed

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We offer ample support throughout the process.

Our Mission

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We set our young parents up for success

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Achievable through partnerships, assistance and programmed content

Guidance, inspiration and hope will restore the confidence to thrive for success

Social and emotional wellness is an important factor to managing adversity.

Enable expectant and parenting teens to successfully meet their parenting goals

Navigate through the challenges of raising young children


Addressing the urgent need to offer parenting youth the opportunities and resources for pregnancy and parenting assistance

Utilizing culturally competent services

Mindset Training to help young parents maintain balance

Minimizing and/or eliminating barriers for parenting youth as they strive to complete high school, post-secondary education

Empowerment & Leadership Training

The Directors of Hands 2 Hand

Is an Amazing Team that were all single mothers that dramatically changed their lives for the better.

Constance Anderson

Mother, educator, actress, mentor, advocate, dreamer, etc. Being a single mother was my sole motivation for success.

Tephanie Delaney

A believer, mother, entrepreneur, domestic violence survivor/advocate,  mentor, thought-leader, etc. I am purpose driven and passionate about helping others succeed. 

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